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Bill Polian calls this one of the weakest draft classes in recent memory.....

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Colts | Polian Calls Draft Class 'Weak' - from www.KFFL.com

Thu, 22 Apr 2004 19:04:51 -0700

John Oehser, of Colts.com, reports Indianapolis Colts President Bill Polian disagrees with most personnel people who call the 2004 NFL Draft class one of the strongest in recent memory. "I've heard people say it's the deepest draft in years, but you couldn't tell it by me," Polian said. "I think it's the weakest one I've seen in years. It's deep at quarterback and wide receiver, so I guess that makes it a deep draft, but from the standpoint of the other positions, it's probably as thin as I've seen in a while."

This guy is an idiot. If you are looking at the overall strength or weakness of a draft class, you can't take away it's strongest points and call it weak. What an idiot. :doh:

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RB is not looking very good, deep but not very good.

Weak DLine draft.

Weak OLine draft.

TE is great.

WR is very deep.

QB is good and deep.

I agree with him but there is so much hype EVERY year I can see why every year would seem like it was better than the last.

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Originally posted by EvilMonkeyBoy

Can't argue with the man that took Jeff George and Trev Alberts now can we.

Bill Polin didn't draft them, he built the Bills 4 Super Bowl teams & started the Carolina Panthers (& their first playoff game) before going to Indy

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OLine is thin, DLine is thin, Linebacker is mediocre, Running Back is thin, Cornerback is mediocre, TE is strong, QB is strong, WR is very strong...once you get outside of the top 10 it is a pretty weak draft, but inside the top 10 it is one of the strongest in a long time

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