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Anybody else a lil worried about L.C.'s foot?


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Im sure he will be fine and produce(not worried about that) but he has way more than what we saw last year. He started the season with a bang (while healthy) after the foot he dropped off a bit still showed heart and was heads above the rest but, I think he is ready to take it to the next level and be no questions asked in elite status. Will his foot still nag him? I was hoping he was going to have surgury the day after the last game(really wish he would have took the last game or two off) Any doctors on the board :laugh: ?

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Originally posted by Chachie

It hasn't been treated by the media like a big deal. I would think we'd hear more from them if it was a real "thang." Training camp will tell the tale. But if it's healed, I hope it's not recurring. That's the MAN.

He did sit out minin camp. I hope all is well like you said we will see in TC

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