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Who would you guys take, Warner or Brunell?

Commander PK

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Warner had more than one good season folks :)

From 1999-2002 he was the best QB in the NFL.

What he has become since 2002 and after taking all the hits he has, etc....is another question :)

Right now, Brunell at 33 is a better bet to bounce back and be a quality NFL starter.

Warner has never been the same since hurting his hand late in 2002.

And all you have to do is go back to last year's opener to see a quarterback in Warner that appeared shell-shocked by pass pressure, with 4 fumbles.

Physically, Warner may be done.

Definitely not worth taking with all those negatives. Not as a trade anyway.

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Warner won NFL MVP twice, so much for "one year wonder"

He's not going to be traded. Martz has no confidence in Bulger and will likely let the two duke it out, or let Bulger go elsewhere.

Warner gets the bad rep because he screwed up in not mentioning that his hand was injured. He looked bad, and was bad, and now is perceived as bad.

His mistake.


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