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SI:Black QBs lament Limbaugh's comments


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Originally posted by Kilmer17

Such hatred and vitriol from a lefty. (Go to dictionary.com to get the definition).

Why would I need a dictionary to look up the most common right wing strawman argument currently being used?

It goes like this....

1- Insult liberals

2- When they insult you back accuse them of hatred and vitriol

3- repeat

Wake me when you come up with something less hypocritical and tired.

Originally posted by Kilmer17

What your Exhibit is supposed to show Im not sure. I didnt get this months decoder ring from Leftwinglosershateclub.com. Care to explain. If it's an attempt to say that Oxycontin is crack, it's not only innaccurate, it's stupid. I should expect that little though.

Such hatred and vitriol from a righty. (Go to dictionary.com to get the definition).

BTW - "crackhead" was used by me as it is by most people in the DC area in their 20's to discribe a drug addict, any drug addict. Didn't realize I would be grilled for not using clinical exact terms on a football forum.

Originally posted by Kilmer17

The next part is great. Dodging the draft was an artform of lefties for years. Limbaugh had a medical issue that kept him out. That's not dodging the draft (kind of like Howard Deans "back injury). Again, that distinction is obvious to people who dont goosestep to the left wing propoganda and hate.

I completely agree that "lefties" have dodged the draft. But I'd add that "righties" in politics do the very same thing. You see I'm not blindly defending any side of the political spectrum my comment was directed at a individual. If you wish to compare the military records of politicians we can do that as well, but I'd suggest we find a better place to do it.

BTW - why don't you tell the one stop shoppers here what that medical condition Rush had was EXACTLY.....of and add the part about why he lied and said it was "football knee" when in fact it wasn't.

Originally posted by Kilmer17

Then we have the classic red herring. You attempt to prove your point by trying to divert our attention. I knew idiots in college who could grasp this simple Logic 101 problem. But you probably think it's intellectual. Congrats for showing how stupid you are.

Divert your attention with what? You mean like accusing you of being full of hatred and vitriol while really saying nothing at all? Like saying "Rush had a medical conditon" while obviously avoiding what it actually was? Like defending a draft dodger by saying well that guy on your side dodged the draft too, like some 13 year old demanding he be allowed to stay out later?

I don't know who exactly you think you are talking to buddy but if you're going to call me stupid you'd better come up with something better then the strawmen your're building up and knocking down.

Originally posted by Kilmer17

Next is the almost as classic- "attempt to change my original argument". Fine and dandy. He resigned under pressure. Doesnt change the fact that you were wrong to begin with.

No example of what it is you are talking about. Not surprised you are unable to construct a valid response being that nothing you've said so far leads me to believe you completed middle school.

Originally posted by Kilmer17

Finally. If you would spend more time on this board learning about it's members and our views, and less time dreaming with the Michael Moore crowd, thinking up ways to call people who disagree with your narrow view of the world; you'd know a few things.

Ah the strength in number tactic, not bad. Associate yourself with the group/majority to gain perceived advantage. That worked really well in highschool, back then it was called peer pressure. I grew out of that, I don't find myself needing the approval of fugatives from natural selection to feel good.

BTW - Michael Moore belong in a padded room scribbling "BUSH is an alien" on the walls with the one crayon they would allow him as long as he promised not to stick it up his nose.

Originally posted by Kilmer17

3- Your close minded hateful rhetoric rings hollow. Come with more substance and less Liberal talking points and you wont find yourself on the heel end of a boot.

Such hatred and vitriol from a righty. (Go to dictionary.com to get the definition).:D

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McNabb is a damn good quarterback, no matter how much I hate to say it. I believe that he had a higher QB rating over the last 10 games of the regular season than either Manning or McNair. Is he the most accurate passer ever? Hell no. Would the majority of NFL teams rather have him for their signal caller? Hell ya. The guy is good. I don't get how Limbaugh and so many other right wingers think that somehow black people have it easier because of the color of their skin. I don't know if his comment was racist, but it sure was stupid.

What teams in the NFL would rather keep their starting QB rather than have McNabb?






Redskins (in a year)

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Originally posted by Kilmer17

Carry on.

You're doing GREAT. Imitation is an excellent retort.

I tremble before your empty sarcasm, oh great one. I must have been mad, nay, demon possessed to dare use your right wing tactic against you. I blame the homosexual agenda and the "librul" media.

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The more things change the more they stay the same. The bottom line is blacks will always be considered second hand citizens in this country. No matter the position or sport there are always going to be racists that hate the fact that blacks appear to be superior in sports. Football, Baseball, Basketball and now Golf. I know I will get some heat from this post and being mixed growing up I have seen both sides of the fence. IMHO The white race has all through history destroyed what they can't control and I also think the salary cap was partly put in place to control the amount of money minorities can make. There are two sides of a story and until humans view humans as equal no matter how light or dark thier skin is there will always be problems. If there were no light everyone would be the same color!

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