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This is why Ramsey is so important.


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Originally posted by TankRizzo

McNair beat Wright? Which game were you watching? McNair tried to give that game to the Ravens.

McNair shouldn't have been even playing, he is injured and they will be destroyed by NE next game. Billicheck is licking his chops right now, i feel sorry for Tenn.

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This thread is inaccurate.

QB's don't play against each other.

Bill Parcells and Mike Shanahan called horrible games and are fully responsible for their respective teams, exit from the playoffs.

If Parcells would have opened up the offense a little, Dallas could have won that game. Shanahan's team (offense and defense) laid down in Indianapolis yesterday, it was pitiful.

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Sorry, Rellim, but in the cap era NFL, an elite franchise level QB is the surest way to be competitive over a period of years. However, you're right to say it's not solely the manner a team can be good in any given season. We've seen with Dilfer and even Brady recently that you don't have to have an elite QB to win a Super Bowl.

But, that elite QB is the one thing you can make a constant on a roster. An elite QB is the one thing you can build around and retool and know while you're doing it he can still make things happen for you. If Ramsey is a legitimate hit, we'll be a very dangerous team for a decade. If he's not, well, we'll have some hit and miss seasons and keep waiting for the next stabilizing force.

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You need either an elite QB or elite/very productive RB to usually win in this league. Parcells' Cowboys are the only team in the playoffs without either this year, and they didn't exactly shock the world this weekend.

The formula is simple - good DC, good RB, good QB. For six games this year, the Skins were 0 for 3. Pretty hard to make the playoffs that way.

Football is not a complicated game when it comes to winning and losing. You get talent that has heart and makes plays at key positions - you win. Favre, like many QB's, is smart. If he sees a WR running a fly pattern 30 yards downfield with a straining/struggling DB, he's going to throw up a catchable long rainbow more often than not. It doesn't take rocket science coaching to succeed in that situation. All it takes is good arm and alert WR.

What if Ramsey doesn't work out next year? Is there a plan B for QB in the front office. Is Dallas the only one pursuing a proven winner or even veteran in Brunell/Warner etc.? I don't think Fassel or Green will do well at all next year if Ramsey struggles and without a proven DC. They established their reputations with John Fox and Tony Dungy, both of whom will be working this weekend.

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