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Real reason for Ray Rhodes a DC?


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Is the reason we are going through the process to consider RR as a HC is to get him as a DC. I do not think his record warrants this job and Snyder's real intent is to get Greene or Fassell and have RR as his DC. Greene clearly fills the minority interviwe requirement and us laymen can clearly see that RR is not the coach we need at this juncture.

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right, he's been given permission to speak about the head coaching job. If Seattle releases him, we could hire him to mop floors if he took the job.

Besides, how stupid would it be for Snyder to say, "hi, want to coach the team? I'v e already started putting together your staff for you."

I just went on a big tangent about why I thought he's been contacted in another thread, so I'll save it.


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