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Cheat Carroll and the Seahawks Culture


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1 hour ago, Rey713 said:


Mara single-handedly made the Giants my most hated team. The things they get away with because of that privileged buffoon is crazy.

It is ridiculous, is it?  Just this year alone with all of the OBJ crap that was let go with barely a slap on the wrist, and yet officials were still told to look for other players trying to bait him.  Seriously?  What other supposed grown-ass man, never mind supposed professional, gets that kind of treatment.  If it was a WR from any other team, the league would be going after the WR for acting a fool and not being able to control his own emotions and the team would have looked at fining or suspending that WR for conduct detrimental to the team, never mind the NFL.  Then the hole in the wall at Lambeau and the team trashing the plain after the playoff loss.  And, let's not forget the wife-beating kicker at the beginning of the season.  It's a disgrace.

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