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Anyone still use TiVo? Or replacement DVRs?


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So we are getting ready to move in a couple of weeks and I've been looking into options to save on my utilities.

We currently have, and will continue to have after the move, FiOS for TV and Internet. I'm no Verizon fan but their service is the best in our area. The main thing that gets me is the $15 per box, per month, charges for equipment. With 3 or more boxes, that's $45 plus per month just on equipment.

So I started looking at options...

Came across the TiVo Bolt, unified entertainment system. Basically, it's a cable box that also does streaming. It can be paired with TiVo Minis so that you can use your cable service in any room you choose. Further, it just requires one cablecard to work, which is a minivan charge I believe.

Here's a link to their page: https://www.tivo.com/shop/bolt-detail

Anyone have experience with this? I would love a "whole home" solution and this seems to be right up my alley. Plus, from what I understand, the TiVo interface is lightning fast and super usable (whereas the FiOS interface is old and clunky).

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Yes, we've had Tivo for years and love it. We currently use it with FIOS and a cable card and it works great. We have the generation before the Bolt, so I don't know about that. The cable card is like 4.99 a month, but renting a cable box costs too, and was pretty bad when we tried it years ago anyway.

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What I understand is that VOD and PPV doesn't work with TiVo. Correct?


A TV tuner card on a pc can....or used to

I don't bother anymore 

Nero liquid tv?



there is channel master but it is about 300

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