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Reuters: Venezuela opposition activist shot dead, party says

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That inflation in Venezuela is crazy...


Inflation is predicted to hit one million percent this year in Venezuela. 


Before the Government's devaluation of the currency, a kilo of potatoes would set back locals 283,000 bolivars. Even more shocking, purchasing a single chicken cost 15 million bolivars. 


The TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? has been taken off-air because even with the top prize raise to two million bolivar, it was meaningless. 


There has been growing unrest in Venezuela since 2013 with allegations of corruption in Government and economic mismanagement. 


Last month, there was an assassination attempt on the President's life. He spotted a drone carrying explosives during a parade and was shielded by security. 


Venezuela pulls 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?', top prize meaningless


Reminds me of those pictures from my history book in middle school:



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3 hours ago, visionary said:


Seems a little quick.  Is anyone prepared to support them with more than words?

I think it is an attempt to support a revolt.  Which may or may not be premature - Timing on these are always dicey.

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