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NY TIMES:Redskins' Owner Backs Spurrier


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Redskins' Owner Backs Spurrier


Published: November 6, 2003

WASHINGTON, Nov. 5 — Despite a four-game losing streak that has landed the Washington Redskins in last place in their division, Daniel Snyder, the team's owner, is apparently not disenchanted with his coach, Steve Spurrier.

A team spokesman said Wednesday that Snyder wanted Spurrier to complete his five-year contract, which is worth $25 million.

"Snyder believes in Spurrier," the spokesman, Karl Swanson, said. "He believes that Spurrier will fix this and will succeed, and he wants Spurrier to succeed and to be here for the full term of his contract."

Since arriving in January 2002, Spurrier has said that if he could not turn around the team in three years, Snyder should find somebody else. He said Monday that he was sticking with his three-year plan. On Wednesday, Swanson emphasized that it was Spurrier, not Snyder, who viewed his mandate as a three-year job.

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Karl Swanson is who the article says he is. Dan Snyder adopted this policy a few years ago, deciding not to give interviews during the season so that the focus would stay on the team on the field. See how much that has worked. :rolleyes: Interesting they spoke to the NY Times. I like the statement too.


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Really as skins fans and from a long term prospective, this is an important statement. It means giving Spurrier every opportunity to make this team succeed. Granted I would be upset to see the skins finish this year with a losing record, or go through the same thing next year if Spurrier did come back and had the same results. But, for the longterm.....Snyder needs to give his coaches every opportunity....that way he can get the best people....without fear that he will pull them at the first sign of trouble.

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Originally posted by Mad Mike

Best news I have heard in some time. Say it again Snyder. Say it loud and clear. Make sure the players hear you. Maybe then the players quit their b!tching and get to work.

Agreed 100% there Mad Mike. This does quite a few things good for Snyder and the team IN THE LONG RUN!!

It could/might:

1. Give SS confidence to keep on trying and push on through this down time aka JKC and Gibbs potentially resulting in what we all are hoping for - a successful, dynamic SS team with an explosive O.

2. As you said, have the players realize that they have to make this work cuz this (coach/system) is all they have.

3. Give the eventual replacement coach (whenever SS leaves, be it after the '04 season or after a 10 year 3 Super Bowl run) a desire to work for an supportive owner. Bottomline: DS is kinda obligated to stick with SS if for no other reason that a PR move to get a good "next" coach, whenever that might transpire.

Of course all this is all dependent upon DS actually meaning it and actually sticking with SS.

Hey, it could happen. :rolleyes:

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