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For Those Who Are Over Emotional About Early Losses, Whatching This Vid Do Good For Your Soul :)


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Pretty much what I have been telling all my friends.  I mentioned the cardinals going four and o last year.  I can't remember the last time we lost the first game of the season and they haven't always ended well. I expected the worst because I knew there was a lot we didn't know about how the eagles played. 


I only got to listen to part of the first half and saw we were down 33-7 at the half.  I just wanted them to come back and make it a game and they did.  The sky is not falling.


P.S. I really was getting sick of hearing the media all over the Iglgles offense and it was bound to happen when I guess we made RGiii some sort of Messiah when I am pretty sure that the media started that.

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This is how The NFL works nowadays.  Or, better yet, this is how the perception of the machinations of an NFL season goes.  Same thing every year. 


Just like Olbermann remarked, some team will get hot early, everyone will proclaim them the new 'it', AND THEN they'll flame out. [Perhaps, "Ooooh, look at those Eagles, they're so explosive!  It's the college invasion!"]


Whereas another team will stumble outta the gate & they'll get buried ["It looks like we're witnessing the end of the Pittsburgh Steelers as we know them.  Such a proud franchise.  So sad."]


And OF COURSE there is that team that will emerge outta nowhere (playing a last place schedule) & surprise everybody!  Don't throw stones, We did that last season; the Colts did too.  ["???? is having a magical year"]


All-in-all, that was a vivid reminder that we're all just throwin' darts at a board, sport.  Well done shangster.

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Except for the Saints (NFC first seed) in '09 and Packers (NFC 6th seed but many predicted them a favorite preseason) in '10, who would have thought the '07 Giants, '08 Cardinals (SB appearance), '11 Giants, and '12 Ravens to win the SB.  That's how the NFC works now.  Once you're in the playoff, make sure to get HOT!


Take a deep breathe, everyone, and enjoy the season. 

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