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Grantland Article - Passing Maps On Where Nfl Qbs Throw The Ball.


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Interesting article and data on the distribution of passes and completions last year in the NFL. Nothing hugely surprising for anyone who watches football with more than a passing interest but still interesting. When people say the NFL is a passing league that's certainly true but it would be more accurate to call it a short passing league.

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This is the chart which stood out to me - the heat map overlaying completion percentage on attempts. Throws to the backs in the flats and the area about 5-7 yards in front of the centre for TEs running drags. It also shows that the NFL is a right handed world in terms of QBs.




Its not surprising but it shows why coverage skills in linebackers are so important now and why so often defenses are subbing linebackers for an extra DB and being in nickel so much. Offenses are abusing linebackers isolating them with backs and TEs who are more larger receivers than guys who can line up next to a tackle and be effective in line blockers.

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