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Fantasy Football Team Names


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I'm ashamed at some of the team names in my league. Mine is very mild, my kids come into the room when I'm on the puter so I didn't want anything to bad.

this year I'm the Maltaville Mullets (long story and no I don't have 1)

But to give you and Idea, we have 16 teams here are just a few

Terrytown Teabags

LaPlace Kornhole Kittens

New Mexico Wife Swappers

Lubricated Lillies

And these are just the mild ones

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right now i'm "standing by the keg"

in past years, my teams have been "orange orrangatangs," "solid gold" (soon changed to "fool's gold"...bad year for me :)), and "binge takes it in the pujols" (binge was the last name of the league commish).

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