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How do you view our coaching staff now?


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Very, very exciting to say the least of the last month and a half. While we all have our opinions I couldn't help thinking this morning that my opinion of Hasslett and Raheem Morris have changed pretty significantly.

We were at one point heading toward some ugly defensive records. I think the defense this past game posted there absolute best game of the season period. Deangelo which has driven me nuts with his up and down games was a pretty awesome sticking to Dez.

While I was on the bandwagon for injuries and inadequate schemes I think we are hitting our best stride on D and say hats off to Hasslett and Raheem making average players great.

In the words of frank caliendo in the words of john madden.... When you have great football players playing great football than than you have players playing great football. Lol

Any thoughts on some of our other guys like Kyle? Does he deserve the credit? Will he jump ship ? Does Danny Smith get credit of niles paul?

Heres to hopefully a Super Bowl run!!!!!


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I'm not sure what exactly has happened to our team...Coaching?...Players?...RGIII syndrome?...I think it's a little of all. Sort of like a family protecting each other and in doing so bringing out the best in each other. Its a calm, unassuming group who probably realizes how unique this ride has been. AND it ain't over!!!

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Still not sold on Haz as the D coord....but something sure did happen to at least make our D more competitive after the bye week. Would guess he has given himself more time as the D coord here.....as don't think any team will be calling for him as a HC candidate.

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