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  1. Well, I have been a ST holder since the advent of the Zorn era. Some of the worst seasons in Redskins history. I was in upper level, but since '11 or so have been down in the 200 level. I decided not to renew tickets this season and have missed the April 1st cutoff. I have not received any incentives like those described above....but certainly if parking was thrown in for free that may make a difference......at least make me rethink. Along with a free signed jersey. I mean, some of those perks that the team has announced this season sound good, and only wish it would have been that w
  2. REceived my tic's yesterday....as well as a call from Redskins offering 49% discount on club seats. Tempting as that offer is....don't think I can pony up the difference price anyhow.
  3. Yea, got an email today stating that my tickets were in the mail......and the tracking number as well.
  4. I am all for Bruce Almighty as GM. Firmly believe we are now better off than at any point under the Cerrato regime. Yes, many things still have to be proved, but like the direction we are heading, and hope Gruden works out. I was lukewarm to Gruden, as I was for most of the candidates that were being mentioned publically. I do think that Gruden was the #1 target for HC by Bruce...if so then he did get his man. I was impressed with many things our new coach said...one was that he listens to input from players and coaches WRT plays and such. He is not locked into "his" system, and not af
  5. Yes, that is accurate. There is a feeder road connecting b3 to sherrif that is not shown on parking map they send u with season tickets.....but is on the fedex field map on google and other map sites. We found out that info by chance at first preseason game.....one of lot attendants told us about back and added that this was what made b3 lot the best one in his opinion. Must admit that thusfar....b3 lot has been fairly easy in, and pretty easy out and it is a short walk to stadium. I think it is better than the grey lot....and I was pretty anxious about my b3 upgrade this season.
  6. Only one way into B3...but after the game they open the back gate at rear of B3 lot.....that is easiest way out...similiar to the back area of the grey lot but not so far from the stadium.
  7. Got the same email.....instant deletion....
  8. Think you are accurate with that....I have requested to get seats on the home side but keep getting told that it is pretty difficult to find seats there. I am hopeful that, with the advent of new players like RGIII....maybe there will be more Redskin fans throughout the stadium which will leave less seats for opposition fans. Especially Cowboy and Eagle fans............
  9. I just received the email notification that my seating upgrades were complete....moved from sec 213 r4 to sec 214 r4. Heck, maybe in another 5 years I will be around the 50 yard line.....but on the wrong side of FEDEX......
  10. I moved fm the 426 area down to 213 last season. Not bad seats, but pretty close to visitor tunnel, and a lot of chucklehead visiting fans on gameday. I do not know if i have moved yet or not.
  11. Welcome blmurphy1982. You raise an interesting point.....I travel quite a bit for work, and would like to sell tickets for games I will not attend. What is best outlet to do this.....stubhub? Does Extremeskins have an area for this? In the past, I have either sold/given tickets to friends and family....but have lost out on several instances where the tickets went unused.
  12. I actually had some thoughts bout staying with grey as well because of same reasons robp mentioned......but i like the thought of a shorter trek to and from stadium....and i am not an elaborate tailgater anyway.....although my daughter got me a Skins grill for xmas that i am anxious to try out!! Guess i will see if i have decided correctly or not this season.......heck, with all of us in green B3 parking, should be quite the tailgate party opportunity for es members!
  13. I just received an email stating that I was upgraded from Grey to Green B3 parking. I had phoned about this last week.....after reading on this thread about others being upgraded. This season will be my fourth for season tickets/parking. Any thoughts on how to get moved toward home side of the field vice visitors side? I am currently near the visitors entrance to the stadium, 200 level....have called every year about getting over toward Skins side of the stadium, but am constantly told that this is not easy to accomplish.......I would like to get around more "like minded" folks at the game
  14. Section106.....rg all....heck, it is your money, not up to me to tell you how to spend it. I have been approached many times concerning club level, but I didn't want to pay the price which was pretty much what you indicated. I pay $2500 for two tickets and parking. Heck, would love to take advantage of the cigar bar and Hooters!! I had no clue about how pricey our tickets were....I was speaking with some season ticket holders for the Jax Jaguars...and they were paying under $1000 for two tickets and parking. Wow.
  15. Hey section106.......u r in 304? Those aren't ga tickets r they?
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