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Deadspin: Twitter idiots respond to NBC Pre-empting SNF

Spaceman Spiff

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They were showing the game on CNBC. They even warned everyone that the game could be seen on CNBC. If ABC and CBS are going to show the address, then of course NBC is going to do the same. That's how it works.

Football can wait if the President makes a short speech after one of the most horrifying tragedies in the past decade.

Like i said, it doesnt helppeople like me who were recording the game. Regarding the your last statement, my point was that if the presidents speech was so important, football should have waited - meaning, the game should have stopped.

Personally, I have no interest in hearing the presidents (or any politician's) speeches on a tragedy. Politics have nothing to do with it. The only persons whos comments i'm interested in are 1) reporters, 2) psychologists, investigators, police, and other "experts" 3) accounts from people who actually experienced or were affected by the tragedy. I understand why the President made a speech - its part of the job description. people would criticize him if he didnt. I just tuned my DVR to record a game and didnt get all of the game. I was disappointed and annoyed, but its no big deal in the bigger picture. Now, If it had been a skins game - say, the Week 17 Skins vs. Cowboys game that will decide who advances in the playoffs, i imagine most of us would be alot more upset... Of course, if it were a skins game, i would have gotten back into town earlier to make sure i watched it live :)

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Clearly NBC felt that it was more important to have the speech available to a larger audience, so they played it on network TV.

I also assume that the other networks were also carrying the speech (though someone can correct me if need be) and NBC didn't want to risk losing viewers who'd flip over to another channel to watch the speech, then stay on one of those channels instead of coming back to NBC to watch football.

I agree that was the logic, but why would they care if viewers temporarily left the game to watch the speech on another channel? Theres no advertising during the speech. Football fans definitely WOULD come back right after. That said, i'm sure if NBC had not shown the speech, other people would have complained just as much. You cant please everyone. Again, i understand the decision... it just doesnt help people who were recorded the game.

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