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12/12/12 Concert for Sandy


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Billy Crystal just roasting everyone :ols:

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Eddie Vedder cursed and the censors missed out on it :ols:

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Vedder and Waters destroyed it. Epic concert for the ages.

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The Stones didn't suck. No one sucked but Sandler.

They had all the celebrities out. Colbert and Stewart... Billy Crystal... P Diddy and Olivia Wilde are on now. Olivia Wilde is extremely hot.

- Springsteen was great

- Waters and Vedder were pretty good

- Bon Jovi was pretty good

- Eric Clapton's set was amazing

- Rolling Stones were pretty good

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Yeezy and soulless Alicia Keys

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Diddy and Olivia Wilde also

its on HBO, cursing is not censored

It's also on ION TV here

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Yeah, it's on 50 channels

Not really much to complain about at this concert, it's just an amazing night of music for a good cause. A concert I won't ever forget

I guess its a benefit concert, so the idea is to get the most mainstream lowest common denominator sure fire low risk lineup possible. Personally, I wouldn't pay a dime to see this show but I understand why it is the way it is.

I'm watching it though :) , but rolling my eyes at Mick gyrating around on the stage.

I missed Clapton, maybe he was good.

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Clapton was awesome. Dominated that guitar

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The Who is on there singing Baba O'Riley.

I grew up listening to this on the bus. We sat in an elementary school bus riding home from school...listening to BIG 100.3 and The Who...The Beatles...Clapton...all sorts of oldies and classic rock.

So much of my musical background is based on those days listening to classic rock legends and Motown artists. I will always show them the proper respect they deserve. The music they made was damn better than the music today.

I don't care if they're old or can't sing. They all destroyed it tonight. And maybe it's just me and my bias. Maybe it's just the music I heard growing up. But I had a damn good time tonight

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Old rockers unbuttoning shirts live on stage during concert

Not something I want to see

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