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Ok guys, taking my wife to Detroit in March for the Red Wings/ Blackhawks game. She is a huge Wings fan and it will be her 1st trip to the Joe. What I'm looking for is any suggestions for dinner Sat. night. I figure there will be some people with good ideas, so let me know what you think. Thanks guys.

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Man...what a choice of cities. I spent 10 days in Detroit a few years ago and that place is just depressing. There aren't many places I'd want to take my wife, but China is right, Greektown is a decent area. My group ate at a place called the Pegasus Taverna one night and were pleased.


On the main road near the giant Marriott complex, there's a restaurant called Sweet Lorraines which I ate at one night and thought was nice.


And of course, the Marriott-Renaissance Center complex across the street probably has places to eat. One upside is that both the hotel and Sweet Lorraines are just down the street from Joe Louis.

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