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Lorenzo Alexander to answer Q's through video chat on SportsBUZZ.com


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"Lorenzo Alexander to answer Q's livestream tomorrow"

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The thing is, what if something really bad happened to him (heaven forbid). Informative titles help people save time. I never would've clicked on this thread if I knew he was answering questions. I think he's a great player, but nothing I'd wanna ask him

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Someone ask him to lay out Devin Thomas on a kick return.... I mean... just fold him in half.... then look at Coughlin and say, "Come get him."

I had the chance to chat with Alexander after the game and specifically asked him what he said to Devin Thomas after the former Redskins receiver hesitated before taking a knee. I loved his answer (here's a link to the audio) and figured it's worth sharing here.

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He looked good said the Redskins faced 2 "good" teams and said his team has not been showing up on Sunday. He said time to bounce back and turn it around, by putting in the work at practice and making the big plays. Says he has confidence in the team and guys have to step up and do a good job. Hard to replace good players like Moss and Cooley, but they have to come together as a team.

They are in get-it done mode and start winning more games and not sabotage themselves.

On Torain/Helu combo: Torain should be the main guy and Helu should come in and do well. Says as the O-Line gels they should play more effectively.

On any Clinton Portis sightings: Loves Clinton, but not sure if that is the best thing and not his decision.

Player Impressed him: John Beck stepped up with people doubting him after sitting out the first 5 weeks behind the new O-Line. Steve Smith from the Panthers had a big game and Cam impressed him.

Gameplan for Bills: Hasn't watched film yet...knows they have to stop Fred Jackson. Stop the run, get B Banks going and creating turnovers.

On being a Madden gamer: Used to be in high school, but since he has a family not anymore. Perry riley plays, Orakpo and D. Hall could be on the cover.

Hardest Hit taken: In high school or 07-08 against Dallas when he had to bust up a wedge on special teams.

After a loss/win: Tries to stay even keel...prepares the same after a loss or win.

The video is up on his SportsBUZZ page too:



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