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Do you like the draft before free agency or do you want it to return to normal?


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Well, because of the lockout this is the first time the draft occurred first. Actually, this could be the last draft ever depending on how things go in the courts.

Someone can correct me, but I remember reading that some court case declared the draft was indeed illegal unless collectively bargained. So right now, there are no more drafts unless a new CBA is negotiated.

Assuming the draft is part of a new deal; do you like having the draft before free agency or do you want it the old way?

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I actually like the draft first. Veteran players probably won't like that, so I doubt this years anomaly becomes the norm. Still, I think it is better to have the draft first.

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I liked it. It makes teams draft more towards their needs(especially teams like us) , instead of focusing on the veterans first. Veterans should be used to fill in gaps , and supplement where needed... not as the end all , be all.

There's soemthing inherently... better, in my opinion about teams trading around for the young propsects not knowing if McNabb, Vince Young, or Kyle Orton is going to be out there to use until "the next big thing".

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Free agency before the draft. Like the ability to move players and picks around before the draft. Plus, FA helps kill time b/w Super Bowl and the draft.

On a side note, I just don't buy into this no draft in the future stuff. There's a whole industry built around this thing and it's great publicity for the league and the players (especially the lesser known ones).

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