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We got a 1st rder next year for the trade also?


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Jaguars receive:

» First-round pick (No. 10):

Blaine Gabbert

Redskins receive:

» First-round pick (No. 16):

Ryan Kerrigan

» Second-round pick (No. 49)

Analysis: The Jaguars appear to have their quarterback of the future in Gabbert, who might get an opportunity to develop before becoming a regular starter in Jacksonville. The Redskins turned their pick into Kerrigan, a defensive end in college but will likely to be used as an outside linebacker in Washington's 3-4 scheme. More ...

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Was listening to ESPN radio, they said we also got the Jags 1st rounder next year. If this is the case then I pray to God the Jags lose every game and we get Luck.

Yeah I heard the same thing on Espn radio and tried like crazy to validate this information.

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