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  1. I think it goes beyond the fact that "it is just a name". Changing the name for an arbitrary and incorrect reason is a tacit agreement that anyone, at any time, for any reason, can find something objectionable and the world, not that person, must change their point of view. Not to mention my point above that illegitimizing the brand and logo is tantamount to erasing the largest reminder to the world that Native Americans even existed. This is a top 5 sports franchise on Earth.. not a local high school. Native Americans are represented with dignity by this organization for the entire world
  2. How is it unauthorized and who would "authorize" it? The last I had checked, it was the Native American council that asked the Redskins to change the logo to a native warrior and further the cause of native culture in the public eye. What is specifically racist is the continuation of the misuse of the word as a derogatory slur with zero context and zero correction; then using that ignorance as a way of eliminating the most visible symbol of Native American culture in the world. Why do people want to erase the memory and visibility of Native Americans from the public eye so badly? There is
  3. I am fairly appalled at the sheer ignorance that goes into these name change arguments. Why are people so intent on erasing the history and legacy of Native Americans from the public eye? Doesn't anyone realize how absolutely racist it is to be in favor of removing the moniker and name from this franchise? Redskin has never historically been a derogatory name. A racial slur requires that the word or name be used in a defaming way in order to marginalize the object of the insult. Redskins does not accomplish any of that, either historically, or modernly. How quaint it is for so many non-N
  4. Heck, I would just love to know where my seats are. Being a first year STH is like pure anxiety, haha.
  5. After waiting for 10 years I finally got offered ST's... super pumped about it. I live in the Lehigh Valley in PA, so the drive down for me is like a mini vacation. Can't wait to find out where they stick me... heh. Any tips on what I should put in my special instructions for the Box Office?
  6. **** THE COWBOYS! **** ALL OF THEIR WHINY ASS APOLOGIST FANS! **** EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE ***** ASS ****ES! seriously though, **** the cowboys.
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