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apps that charge money for ridiculous things


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What is up with these apps that charge huge money to buy fake things like boxes of crystals and such.

I saw a news clip the other day of it and i kinda blew it off as if it was just an isolated thing but my son just brought my i pad over to me cause he was having a hard time buying a box of crystals for 7.99$.

I have a password on my account so he wasnt able to do it but its painfully obvious there just trying to take advantage of the fact that children use these things to play games.

Why is this even legal, it seems like a scam to me.

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How much did he pay for the game to begin with?

Some games are given away and if you like playing them, you can upgrade for a fee to a more fully functioning version. Consumer choice.

no this isnt an upgrade to full version thing.

you know how during a lot of games part of the game is to accrue points or fake money so you can purchase things to advance yourself in the game. this is similiar but to advance yourself in the game you have to buy things for real money.

the game he was playing wanted 7.99 but the clip i saw on the news was asking for 99 dollars to purchase something.

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I have an idea..... don't let your kid play games on the ipad.

Scam averted :)

as i said i have a password so its not a problem but that doesnt change the fact that somebody is still trying to take advantage and all i was saying was i wonder why its allowed.

And why shouldnt i allow my son to play games on the ipad?

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