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  1. An odd comparison. Your home MAC most likely isnt running the same corporate software that the work PC is running. We have the same issue in our environment with users making that comparison, and they arent wrong, but it's not an apples to apples comparison.
  2. No, but the trade/signing of Alex Smith made no sense to me. The money given to Smith was outrageously high (as was the trade to acquire him) and the return was never going to be equal to the cost. And now it certainly wont be as Smith probably never plays again. The same can be said for Cousins and the contract he took. He's doing exactly what he did in DC, middle of the road numbers with some brain farts. Not worth the salary cap hit, either of them. Cousins/Smith are at their best when they are complimentary, not center pieces. I did like the Keenum trade (reasonable salary cap
  3. Chris Davis is hitless in his last 35 at bats (including tonight) going back to 9/14/18. He's irrevocably broken. Os should just release him at this point. They're going to have to eat the contract regardless so just get on with it.
  4. Typical user would have that destroyed fairly quickly I'd guess.
  5. Single arm cross-face tricep extension Single Arm Tricep Kickbacks Dips (dip bar or off a bench) Pushups (many many variations..i like doing them with KBs for exhaustion) TRX strap tricep extensions Skull crushers - with an ezbar or with dbs Slight varition on the rope extensions you do on the cable machine..you can do these single arm w a strap or double with one of the short bars. Keep your shoulders back on these.
  6. Why do non-employees need to print in your environment?
  7. Im surprised they're still around to be honest. Intel has had the processor market on lock down since core2s came out. I've kind of considered AMD/ATI to be the budget version of Intel/Nvidia for a while now. Steams hardware survey doesnt give the entire story obviously, but as of Jan 2017, only 21.5% of people on steam were using an AMD processor. Only place to go is up for them. Maybe it'll push Intel a bit harder if they start seeing that market share shrink.
  8. Hah! I said the same thing to my boss immediately after seeing that Dell bought them. He had a hell of time getting things working as EMC said they should. Quite the time sink for him.
  9. Gonna preface this by saying none of the following is going to resolve your issue, but; Why do you have the only MAC in the building? Personal or did they provide it? We're a windows environment so if anyone brings in a MAC, its a do it yourself type of deal. If your company provided the mac, they need to figure it out and get it sorted for you (hound them until they do, squeaky wheel and what not). Off the top of my head, I can't think of a reason why a password change would cause your particular issue, but I have 0 familiarity with MACs OSX environment. I know when our it admins inst
  10. You don't need an apple id to download apps from thier app store?
  11. Asus or Linksys. Really digging the Linksys 2100, but its kind of big for a router. It was designed with DD-WRT in mind so you can certainly go with that if you don't like Linksys software, though the default gui is fine for me. My friend swears by asus routers, but i have no experience with them. I had a netgear n750 but felt the interface/performance wasn't what it should have been for the price point. Particularly the gui. It was incredibly slow. I wanted to put wrt on there but its not compatible. Before that I had a linksys wrt54gl for about 8-9 years before I needed to replace i
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