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Having cleared it with Blade & Die Hard, I have just e-mailed the following to Darrell Green through Redskins.com. Props to Pete, Mick, and everyone else associated with coming up with the idea in the first place.

If and when I get a response, I will of course post it right away.

Here's the text of the message:

December 20, 2001

Dear Mr. Green,

A few days ago, some members of the Washington Redskins "message board" web site noted below thought to purchase an add in the Washington Post, hoping to have some small effect upon your considerations toward returning for another year as an active player.

The board's willingness to contribute – both to the placement of the add as well as possibly making a donation to your foundation in the name of the site – was strong. A member posted a link to your foundation's site; I suspect some have made contributions already, and that others surely will.

It was also suggested that I write something to place in the prospective add, something I was flattered by and only too happy to do.

However, since you have made your announcement to return, that aspect of what I would have said to you on behalf of the board is now moot ... but the sentiment behind it is most assuredly not.

With the blessing of the owners of the site, therefore, I present the following as a small tribute to you, on behalf of the members of Extremskins.com.

One Grateful Fan Among Many,

Mark Steven



Darrell Green is a man.

A man of Family, a man of God.

A Teammate, a Role Model, a man you would call Friend ... and very much a man of his own.

He is a man you would go to battle with, and go to battle for ... he is a man you would be.

He is a man about whom you tell your children, "there, little ones, there goes a man. Watch him. Hear him. Remember him."

We have, Mr. Green. We have Watched, and we have Heard.

We have roared as you've soared, moaned as you've groaned ... laughed as you've laughed. We have cried, we have held you up as Light, we have proudly and selfishly called you Ours.

And we will Remember ... when the time comes.

Until then, Number 28, know your community's heartfelt appreciation for allowing us to proudly – and selfishly – call you Ours just a bit longer. For one more year, we will gratefully bask in your reflected light on Sundays.

Beyond that, though the glare of public light may slowly recede, you have left little doubt but that your inner light will shine on.

For being such a man, for today and all your tomorrows, we thank you.

- Your Humble Fans at Extremeskins.com

[edited.gif by Om on December 21, 2001.]

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Guest The Angry Buddha

I raise my glass of Chardonnay in your honor, Om. That was a thing of beauty.


<IMG SRC="http://home.earthlink.net/~wahoofamily/flag.gif" border=0>

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Guest omthebard

No, he's not. I am. cool.gif

Word to the wise: better stop it, gents, or all the attention may go to his head.

I've seen it happen before. Not a pretty picture. smile.gif

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  • 1 year later...

Resurrecting this oldie on the eve of DG's swan song.

Those of you who were not around a year ago ... I thought this might be something you'd find, at worst, appropriate ... and at best, a worthy read ... heading into tomorrow's game.

Those of you who were here ... damn if our hearts weren't in the right place. :)

Either way, the sentiments stand. Even the schmaltzy stuff. Sometimes you just gotta say what you gotta say.

Godspeed, Darrell Green.

And thank you.

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I remember both of these.... sigh....I was still finding my cyberlegs on this board at the time. Didn't post. at the time how good that was and still is. Yep. Just gotta say what you gotta say. Fortunately for us on Extreme, you say it very well Om. :cheers: ( er...having Theraflu..... I'd recommend you have something else) :silly:

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