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SI.com: Titans, Jeff Fisher parting ways


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Wow. That came out of nowhere. I'm shocked.

Why is it shocking. There's been talk for the last couple of years of a split. The only thing surprising is that they decided to do it after saying there weren't a couple of weeks ago.

Fisher will get a job in 2012. I would say Gary Kubiak better watch his back whenever the 2011 season starts.

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LOL, like hire Jeff Fisher as a therapist?:rotflmao:

More like a nanny ;)

Seriously though, it looks like the Titans are imploding, with their coaches/coordinators being discarded left and right, this might put a damper on Fat Al's desire to go back there. Along with the apparent success of 3-4 teams in the NFL, think this might make Al re-evaluate his desire to go somewhere else (find a 4-3 team)?

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If Shanny, and Kyle, do not show improvement this season, I will put money down that Jeff Fisher will be our coach for the start of the 2012 season.

Snow ball's chance in hell that will ever happen. Shanahan will not be let go next year.

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