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Why's the idea of a "black conservative/libertarian" such an oxymoron?


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Let's do a little thought exercise.

Let's say you have a continuum. On one side you have children who have received optimal parenting, optimal sensory stimulation, etc. These children have developed their God given abilities to the maximum extent possible. They have had role models for proper behavior, proper values, and so on. On the other side you have children who have been locked a dark closet for most of their lives, or feral children, for example.

Thus the continuum goes from an optimal environment for human development through different kinds of less-than-optimal environments, various degrees of parental neglect, and all the way to a maximally stifling environment.

Some people for some odd reason seem to subscribe to an obviously and patently wrong notion that all children on this continuum have the same capacity to just decide to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. :whoknows:

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Many people feel that the Republican Party (conservatives) haven't exactly embraced minorities (and there concerns) so I assume thats why you get the odd looks.

Which was always baffling to me. It was President Dwight Eisenhower who introduced the Civil Rights act in 1957 and ironically it was filibustered and defeated by Democrat Senator Lyndon B Johnson, it took Republicans to pass the voting rights act while Democrat Sen Byrd filibustered before giving in.

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