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Honor, Strength, Tradition. What of those 3 elements do we lack the most right now?


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Every time you go to a Redskins game, the video right before they introduce the home team has the words honor strength and tradition as the way to define the Redskins. For many years that was true, but now we're a total wreck. What is the thing we're lacking the most?

I'll go ahead and say honor. Tradition doesn't really go away that quickly, so that can't be it. Strength is an issue, but not as big as honor. Every time I watch a game it's like the team doesn't care. I see emotion from very few players. Orakpo showed a lot today, Fletcher always shows it, but not many other players seem to show it that much. At some point this team has to decide that they want to go out and win. Somewhere they have to decide they want to stop being the laughing stock of the league. Somewhere they have to do the job they're paid to do.

There's no shame in going out, and getting your ass kicked. But there's no honor in not fighting at all.

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A few weeks ago, I posted a thread saying that I figured out who the Redskins were and said that they were a brawler. A slow, not very talented, middle aged palooka whose gotten way too many hits to the head. The kind of fighter who can take a punch and will hit back, but who if he goes against a good fighter, a real contender is going to get embarrassed.

I still think that's who we are. I think we're a team that's bereft of talent, but will try to put up a fight. You saw the D actually try to stand up in the second. You saw the O do the same thing (except they kept fumbling away all their opportunities). This team has got grit. It just lacks talent, skill, strategy, and execution.

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Been saying for a long time that what this team needs more then anything is a clue about the tradition that was here in the 1980's. We weren't simply a team like any other that drafts a good player here and we win many championships like the Cowboys, the 49ers, the Steelers are. We won in those days week after week because we dominated the lines of scrimmage. We had the Hogs and Dexter Manley, Charles Mann and others who dominated the defensive fronts of the opposition.

Until the fans and the people running it finalize realize that we must improve our offensive line like Burgold said we will continue to be the punching bags for the better teams in the league. We will compete when we have an advantage on the other teams with worse fronts but any team with talent on the Defensive lines like the Giants and the Eagles will ruin us. And we of all teams should know how important the offensive line really is. The Hogs are our tradition. The Hogs were not a single player but a system of players working together to kick the asses of the other teams they played. Those players had pride, they had talent, and they dominated. They weren't constructed from the backside in, they were built from the lines out.

What we will continue to be if we continue to forget our own tradition is exactly what we saw today, losers. I doubt many understand this and will come up with excuses why the one position we can skimp on is the offensive line and how other positions are more important to our long term success but no QB, no RB, no WR, or Corner, or linebacker will ever provide us lasting wins like a dominate offensive line will. The reason we have no home field advantage is because the home team has no idea what we are. We have no direction and are just floating around aimlessly drifting, winning one game, losing more, and never finding that secret to success. Joe Gibbs, Bobby Bethard, and Jack Kent Cooke have shown us all what the secret is for this town and team but no one remembers that. It's really sad to see that you can set your watch to wins and losses analyzing our offensive line vs the other teams defensive lines today and it's gotten that bad but you can. We need tradition more then anything.

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ITS THE TALENT!!!! How is this so hard to understand for people? It boggles my mind. How many years are we going talk about how it all starts in the trenches? Our DLine absolutely blows. I want you to watch a run play ran against us and a run play ran against a team like the Steelers or Ravens and pay attention to where the NT and DE's are at the end of the play. I saw multiple plays today where Kemo was 7 to 10 yards back by then end of the run. LMAO are you kidding me?

Then you have our OL. The interior of our OL is a joke and the players as a whole are learning a new system. Its going to take time people. Stop freeking out. We are rebuilding regardless of what Shanny says.

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A lil bit of everything open the dictionary with your eyes closed and whatever your finger lands on we probably missing it.

I happen to have a dictionary next to my computer, so I decided to try this game.

First three words I got (no kidding): Cooperation, Fan, Standard. :ols:

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