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For those of you who play a sport recreationally, who would you rather see win on a given day? The Redskins, or the team you play on? My V-Ball teammates have asked me this one for years, and I still have trouble answering them.

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Originally posted by HogsOfWar

I think playing should always take precedence of watching someone else play.

You know, logically that makes perfect sense. However, I've found on days after a Redskin loss I am far more bummed out than after a V-Ball loss. I don't know why exactly, but there it is.

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wow. i'm surprised at how tough this is. as a life long athlete, i should say "my team" in a heartbeat, but i just can't bring myself to say it. so i'll waffle in the following manner:

1) in hs/college, where my games actually meant something, i'd have to say my team.

2) now, in the rec leagues i play in, i can shrug off a loss relatively easily. a skins loss definately ruins the next couple of days. the nod goes to the skins.

***edit: thinking about this some more, i think this site contributes significantly to my post loss depression. nothing worse than reading negative thread after negative thread after flamer post. bad extremeskins :silly: .

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