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Randy Mueller: Teams will tinker until Week 2


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Teams will tinker until Week 2

By Randy Mueller

NFL Insider


Shaping your roster to 53 players is far from an exact science. It's more like, "What works in the eye of the beholder".

There is really not a right or wrong way to do things. Teams are dealing with a lot of various issues -- none more prevalent than injuries. What works for one team may be crazy for another. Each team's set of circumstances is completely different.

Tuesday will mean more roster juggling as teams bring in players who cleared waivers for visits, physicals, tryouts, etc., so expect a few more changes in teams' 53-man rosters. In fact, teams will be making adjustments well into Week 2. Here are some things that jumped out at me about teams' final roster reductions over the last few days.

Washington's decision to keep two quarterbacks is not as big as the media made it out to be. Six other teams did the same thing. When's the last time a third quarterback has had to enter a game due to the first two being injured? However, the process by which the decision was made in Washington is another story.

Seattle's decision to keep three fullbacks and only four wide receivers will stretch them a bit thin. It was their decision to play Chris Terry, the offensive tackle who they knew would be suspended, with the first unit all preseason and not sign a veteran tackle that jumped out at me more than their final roster breakdown.

The number of vested veterans teams cut with the idea of re-signing them in Week 2 was up. Teams did this in order to dodge guaranteeing their salaries for the year if they were on their roster as of Week 1. Ki-Jana Carter with the Saints, Chis Fuamatu-Ma'afala with the Steelers and possibly Adrian Murrell with Dallas were examples of this. If any of those players re-sign in Week 2, only half of his salary is guaranteed. Look for a slew of veterans to be added to rosters next week.

Lawyer Milloy being terminated in New England can be blamed on the cap, but the disenchantment and bad taste it leaves in the locker room will be worth watching. This is a team set to make a run deep into the playoffs. What effect will this have on team chemistry?

Two players were claimed from Cincinnatti, Sean Brewer (TE) and Lamont Thompson (DB), and Chicago, Jason Goss (DB) and Roosevelt Williams (DB). I thought it was supposed to be the deeply talented teams that share the wealth with the others.

In Oakland it was nice to see Barret Robbins restructure his contract. After using some poor common sense last year during Super Bowl week, he definitely did the right thing this time around. It's nice to see a player, an agent and a team all on the same page. Robbins will be the starting center for the Raiders again at some point during this season.

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