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Who will stay? Who will go?

Thinking Skins

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We may be able to keep more players for the initial roster cuts, but I think the final roster will look like this.


Keep: Patrick Ramsey, Rob Johnson, Danny Wuerfull


Keep: Trung Candidate, Ladell Betts, Kenny Watson


Keep: Bryan Johnson, Rock Cartwright


Keep: Lavernous Coles, Rod Gardener, Taylor Jacobs, Darnerian McCants, Cliff Russell, Scott Cloman


Keep: Robert Royal, Zeron Flemister


Keep: Chris Samuels, Jon Jansen, David Fiore, Larry Moore, Randy Thomas, Derek Dockery, Tre Johnson, Willie Brown, Rob Jones


Keep: Mike Cecere or Peppi Zellner, Ladairis Jackson, Bruce Smith, Regan Upshaw, Renado Wynn, James Cannida, Jermaine Haley, Bernard Holsey, Martin Chase, Bernard Jackson or Del Cowsette


Keep: Jessie Armstead, LaVar Arrington, Jeremiah Trotter, Kevin Mitchell, Antonio Pierce, Clifton Smith, Chris Clemons


Keep: Champ Bailey, Fred Smoot, Rashad Bauman, Alex Molden, David Terrell, Ifeanyi Ohalete, Bruce Branch, Andre Lott


Keep: John Hall, Brian Barker, Chad Morton

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A couple of comments

1) Lennie Freidman is going to be starting at center tonight, ahead of Wilbert Brown, so unless he completely flops, assume he'll make the opening day roster.

2) Don't be so quick to dump guys like Lemar Marshall and Orantes Grant at LB. I like Clemons and Smith too, but I wouldnt just HAND them roster spots. I think at least one of them is heading to the practice squad, and I don't even know if we'll carry 6 linebackers or 7. That's because....

3) The defensive line situation is a mess right now. I think its really hard to guess who will stay and who will go.

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Just a couple of comments:

QB-- If Rob Johnson has another decent showing tonight, Wuerffel's a goner and Hamdan will be kept as the developmental QB. If Hamdan were waived or added to the practice squad, someone else would snatch him up.

OL-- Keep an eye on two guys tonight to see how much playing time they get: Pita Elisara at LT and Brad Bedell at RG. Both have gotten substantial reps in the 1st two games and could be looked at to bump Rod Jones and Tre off the final 53 man roster.

DL-- I have a gut feeling that Cowsette is toast. Cecere should end up on the practice squad.

LB-- This is where I think the team will attempt to sacrifice a spot to enable them to carry 4RBs and 6WRs. Chris Clemons is recovering from an appendectomy and could be shifted to the PUP to enable Smith to stay on the roster. But I really don't see both of them making the final 53 if exta backs and receivers are kept.

DBs-- Bruce Branch?!?!?!? This guy hasn't played all preseason. My man Jimoh should make the team ahead of him. And you left out Bowen-- mistakenly I hope!

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Why cant we carry 4 RB's by having three guys listed on our roster as RBs and list Morton as a return specialist. I mean thats how a lot of teams do the return specialist position. Its not like if all three go down, we're going to depend on Morton for anything. Morton made this team as a returnman.

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As far as recievers go, I think it would be a good thing to keep on Patrick Johnson. Because of his experience, including the super bowl, I think he would be a good addition to weight down the tail end of the recieving core. Plus, he still has a step! He just needs to stay healthy.

I don't see a place for McCants. He really didn't do all that much last year; I was more impressed Doering (did you see him for PT? He played well!) than anyone else out of the back pack last year.

Cloman should stay...he has a good frame, and could back up Gardner.

So here's what I say about the recievers: Coles, Gardner, Jacobs, Russell, Johnson, Cloman.

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Patrick Johnson to me is a second coming of Jacquez Green. Another high pick flop who has stayed in the game because of his speed alone.

Johnson in fact has not even been as productive to this point in his career as Green had been in Tampa. Green at least had 2 50 catch seasons on his resume.

Johnson caught 9 balls in 2002. I don't know how much that kind of experience helps us right now.

At some point the Skins are going to have to keep SOME players because of what they can do for us on special teams :D

McCants doesn't play ST and Johnson's only value is as a returner, and he has yet to show he can hold onto the football.

With Coles, Gardner, Jacobs and Russell all talented receivers under 26 years of age I am of the opinion that our #5 and #6 receivers SHOULD be special teamers.

Remember Stephen Hobbs? Remember Eric Yarber and Virgil Seay?

the Skins decided to keep THESE players behind Monk, Clark and Sanders under Gibbs.

if Cloman and Flowers turn out to be good cover men on special teams and solid workers we should find a place for them.

The Skins will swim or sink with Coles, Gardner and Jacobs in 2003, not McCants and Patrick Johnson :)

But the team will also sink if the special teams give away scores and field position.

Backup receivers, backs, linebackers and corners SHOULD be able to provide contributions on teams.

If not, I think perhaps they should be let go this time around :)

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Guys, McCants has at least shown the ability to catch balls (and TDs) in this league. In fact, he looked, to my eyes. to be rather explosive. I don't think we should dismiss him because he was injured throughout preseason. I also don't buy much into the "WR as special teamer" argument. Teams only seem to use WRs are returnmen, and none of our backups have shown any ability in this regard. Do you really want Richmond Flowers or Scott Cloman running down on kickoffs? :) I personally prefer a backup DB, ala Kato Serwanga, who has honed his tackling abilities at his position.

It's probably a pipe dream to expect our backup wideouts to contribute much to special teams.

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DW isn't making the roster for his ability to throw. He's making it as support for Ramsey (and Johnson). I'm sure SS wants to hire him as an assistant coach, but DW still wants to play. Thats probably why we didnt sign him til a week into training camp. If we cut him and leave a spot for Ham, then he may sign elsewhere.

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McCants should stay because of he's more of a possesion-type of receiver, and we already got a bunch of speed guys.

I'd love to only keep two TE's, but I have a feeling we'll keep either three TE's or an extra LB with special teams in mind.

I'd really like to see a DB step up and make the roster as a gunner on special teams.

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