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Medlock released?-kicking situation


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Gano's got a cannon leg. Medlock doesn't, and the holder was also uncomfortable holding for a lefty kicker. Seems straightforward enough.

That first part just isn't true. Medlock is known specifically for his cannon leg. He holds the UCLA record for FG's over 50 and he also had a number of them with the Argonauts.

His only knock was his confidence, but I hadn't heard anything about him missing kicks in camp, so I think it's a dumb move to take out competition without justification.

You may have a lead on Bidwell not wanting to hold lefty, and if that's the case, then so be it.

The Lions claimed him less than 24 hours after we released him, so he's obviously a prospect worth considering...

All that being said, Gano is an equally great prospect. He was awesome at FSU. I wanted to DRAFT him last year. I :ols: when the Ravens cut him. I was ecstatic when we signed him. I'm happy we finally have a kicker for the first time in a decade.

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