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  1. Has anyone tried NFL Game Rewind from NFL.com? I am going to be studying abroad for the fall semester and I was wondering about this as an alternative to the gamepass which is two hundred or so dollars. I was looking at the $40 one. How does this work? Can I watch the game the day after or immediately after it airs? Because chances are I wont be able to watch the games live anyways. I just wanna know how soon I can watch them after they air. Edit: Heres the link https://gamerewind.nfl.com/nflgr/secure/packages?ttv=0&ttp=3
  2. I understand that the point of the brown helmets is to look like leather helmets, but it just comes off as gimmicky and stupid. I don't understand why the pants are not redskins gold though.
  3. HATE THEM... Looks exactly like BC or FSU... So dumb. Wrong color gold and brown helmet screws up everything
  4. Anyone got a link that doesnt stutter ever few seconds
  5. Sooo.... I guess I'm not gonna watch the game today it seems..
  6. I hate burg on burg. Looks good, but that steelers fiasco was enough to make me hate them.
  7. none of them work for me i just get buffering
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