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Has anyone ever been to Summer NAMM?

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Has anyone here ever been to NAMM? For those that do not know what it is, it is a huge music product trade show. I am going to Summer NAMM this week in Nashville. The summer shows are smaller than their winter counterparts, but I am still excited. I have always wanted to go, but you have to be a member. This year some companies were allowed to invite users of their products. I got invited by Cakewalk, which is pretty cool.

I am definitely looking forward to all of the clinics on Sunday. I am not a gear head, but trying to become one….so the clinics should help.

Anyways, if you have been, how strict are they about camera usage? They say cameras are allowed, but you can only take pictures with the vendor’s permission. I do not want to lug around a camera just to have people tell me that I cannot take pictures most of the time.

How long is the typical wait to get in? Should I get there first thing in the morning?

Anything there that I should not miss (ex: product x has great demos and usually has good promotions)?

Does anyone have any other good advice?


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