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PFT: Delhome heads to IR, career in Charlotte could be over


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I did a search but didn't find this in this section so:


Delhome heads to IR, career in Charlotte could be over

Posted by Mike Florio on December 24, 2009 10:28 AM ET

The Jake Delhomme era in Carolina apparently is over.

We think the correct term is "euthanasia."

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Panthers have placed Delhomme on injured reserve.

Delhomme joined the team in 2003, and he replaced Rodney Peete as the starter at halftime of a Week One game against the Jaguars. Trailing 17-0 at the time, Delhomme rallied the Panthers to a 24-23 win. He started all of the remaining games that year, culminating in a narrow loss against the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

In 2009, Delhomme had his worst season as a starter. During 11 starts, Delhomme threw eight touchdown passes and 18 interceptions, for a 59.4 passer rating. That's more than ...

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So my question is this, do you think Carolina will really part ways with Jake DelHomme after just giving him another Contract? Does his keeping depend on the coaching situation (Does Fox Stay or get the Axe?) Or does Carolina decide they would be better off with a serviceable Veteran or a Rookie as to stay with Delhomme?

For the later what teams could they look to maybe find a Veteran journeyman? What do you guys think?

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Moore did look pretty solid in that game, but then it may depend on who's available in free agency too I suppose.

Yeah and in the draft as well. Carolina does not have a 1st round pick so they will be missing out on some solid talent at the QB Position. Talent is still left non the less but guys like McCoy and Bradford will be gone (The can get Tebow :hysterical:).

The only notable QB's hitting the market in 2010 are Jason Campbell, Chad Pennington and Tavaris Jackson. Orton is Restricted and I fully expect Denver to resign him (if not done already).

That puts Carolina in a bind ... do you trust your franchise with a guy like Campbell? Pennington? Jackson? I like Matt Moore's upside much more.

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Moore looked good. Carolina would be smart to try to develop him.

After all, they don't have a second rounder again this year. They traded with the 49ers to draft Everette Brown last year.

The Niners could actually look solid next year again. They have a team that was somewhat competative this season, and was technically still in the playoff hunt until this past game. With two first rounders, they could really accomplish something.

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Moore will never be a quality starter in the NFL. Take it from someone that's actually watched the guy play more than just Sunday night. He was horrible vs Tampa Bay. Tampa turned the ball over about 6 times that game and he barely managed to get a win. He was awful vs NE. He's a solid #2. But again, he's never gonna amount to anything as THE guy.

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