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ExtremeSkins.com hats - Feedback required.

Die Hard

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would prefer a low profile ballcap version also ala 70th aniv. retro hats.

i like OM's idea with the feathered X also.u could have extremeskins.com embroidered on the back like alot of caps have these days to still show the site..:cool:

would also get a scullcap,beanie,touque.would drive another stake in my nfc foes while at work:cold: :party:

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Balls caps definite YES! What is probabiltiy of the Black and the Stone color? I will need more than one.

The skull cap would be of great interest, but no to the visor.

Chances are whatever you put out there I am going to buy anyway. So, just let me know who to send the check to.

I might be first person to get divorced over too much Redskin/Extremeskin merchandise.

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Hmmmm, what the he!! do I do if I buy one of these hideous things??? The shirts were bad enough. And I'm all for doing my part of supporting this site but we have to get better stuff. Preferably stuff that isn't Redskins like. :laugh:

Seriously though, the white cap looks really nice but they get dirty too quick. I'd buy one of the black ones and use it for dart practice. I always wanted to make the dart team. :D

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