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Time: The Secrets Inside your Dogs Mind

The 12th Commandment

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Neat article! I know we have a lot of dog lovers here.


I found this paragraph funny. I'm sure my dogs wouldn't mind one bit if I yacked up a little of my lunch for them. :hysterical:

"Take for instance the kiss a dog gives you when you come home. It looks like love, but it could also be hunger. Wolves also lick one another's mouths, particularly when one wolf returns to the pack.

They can use their sense of taste and smell to see if the returnee has caught some prey on its journey. If it did, the licking often prompts it to vomit up some of that kill for the other members of the pack to share. The kiss dogs give us probably evolved from this inspection. "If we happened to spit up whatever we just ate," says Horowitz, "I don't think our dogs would be upset at all.""

-continued at link

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Remembering once, standing in a really slow checkout line (is there any other kind, now days?) at a PetSmart-like store, reading a book titled "Rules for Dogs".

One of the rules was "Lick the children's faces. There might be food on them."

Also remembering two cartoons:



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