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This Video Rocks!!!

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I dunno if this has been posted before but this Lavar Arrington "fit for football' video kicks ass!!!


width = 320 height = 240

make sure your sound is on and up!! Music makes it better... :D

Also, the video I posted is a high speed 300k Real Player feed. If you don't have Real Player or Broadband follow the link for other options.

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Guest SkinsHokie Fan

Lavar is a MONSTER. That video was unbelievable. It just goes to show how special these athletes are that play in the NFL

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Guest Matt Kyriacou

I don't really watch much college football outside of the ACC and SEC. I was less than excited by all of the talk about drafting Lavar prior to the day he was drafted.

I'm sure glad that I wasn't drafting.


He IS a true Redskin through and through.

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Originally posted by Reaganaut

Lavar is an animal, but I'd like to see him up against Ken Harvey. I think Harvey is slightly bigger than Lavar. Lavar was light coming into the league I seem to remember.

Actually, Harvey was an inch smaller and 10lbs + lighter than Lavar is now. Though Ken was an animal in his own right. Depending on which draft rag one reads, Lavar on the average was listed at about 245-250. Though one or 2 do have him around the 233 mark, but that was more than likely before the combine.


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