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he cant re-enter the draft

they have his rights

they can trade his rights to another team for a draft round pick

Yes he can re-enter the draft. The Niner's rights to Crabtree expire if they don't ink him before then. I don't know the expiration date, but yes, he can re-enter the draft.

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Crabtree is a ***** and should not be drafted by any team next year, if he re-enters the draft. He is an over-rated cry baby little *****!!!! Crabtree hasn't even proven himself in the NFL and he is demanding money like he is a super star. Get over yourself Crabtree and join your team. I hope he ends up like Maurice Clarett, out of the NFL after crying like a *****.

You are a joke Crabtree!!!

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He definitely can re-enter the draft. The 9ers have to sign him by November 17 (i think) to avoid all of that. I've heard that the 49ers don't get their 09 draft pick back and won't get anything in return but that's kinda hard to believe

Better believe it. There is no compensation under those circumstances.

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