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I got out of class this morning and to my delightful eyes, I was able to see the Maryland Terrapins football team practicing right outside my building (yeah, I go to school at UMD). I know its not the redskins, but its football that hopefully I'll get to see every day. I used to be a marginal Terp fan because I was just tired of FSU. Now I'm about to become a real big terp fan just so I can have something to do until the Redskins start training camp and the regular season.

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Originally posted by Equality

Terps better watch out if VaTech comes to your conference and we wipe the floor with you guys every year. Just a thought.:)

Damn sraight! :cheers:

VaTech may wipe the floor in Football but I would say in most other sports the Hokies will be the bug and not the windshield.

Of course, this is also true.:gus:

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Va Tech would be fourth in the ACC behind Miami, the Terps, and Fla State.

The Fridge will have the personnell to deal with speedy fla state so Va Tech would be the team on the losing end of a terp matchup.

Latest rumor has only miami leaving the big east for the ACC which is fine by me.

Now all we need to see is those documents of Miami naughtiness to find their way into the offices of the NCAA

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