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Sadly this is why we have more of the other teams fans at our home games then ours.:doh:

Why is that?

I dont get it! He wanted to meet up, have a few drinks with a fellow fan and then raise some hell. :silly:

I think it's quite the opposite, if we had MORE people willing to do this we might actually get our home field advantage back :saber:

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The bottom line is that tailgating is a part of the atmosphere. The non-tailgaters are often the ones who show up just in time for (or just after) kickoff and leave with five minutes to go.

Why not tailgate and really enjoy a unique experience that you can only get a handful of times a year? And, more importantly, why impose your boring life on others?

I have tailgated with my 77-year old father and have tailgated with kids. The atmosphere is still great. In my opinion, which I know you can't have on this forum without finding someone to crucify you, people that tailgate are more passionate fans. The "wine and cheesers" phrase might bug you, but that is only because you have to put down your glass of merlot long enough to type a response. If the gouda fits...

Get to the game early, tailgate...*gasp* even if you don't drink. I am sick and tired of people "getting stuck in traffic" and seeing the stadium half empty on kickoff. If you were tailgating, you'd have been in with plenty of time to spare.

You are entitled to your opinion ,as others are theirs.There is no need for alcohol at the game ...or any sporting event ,period.If you can't enjoy the game sober well don't go.:logo:

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I've been to over 16 NFL stadiums and you're going to have drunken idiots where ever you go. I've often had to breakup fights at Fedex and they've been between Redskin fans not opposing team fans. The reason we are complaining about the new policy is because the majority are being affected by the minority. It has always been Fedex field policy to have 1 parking space and that is it. This is why the majority of the large tailgaters arrive at Fedex at 6 or 7 am. They want to get a spot out of the way where they will not take up any additional space.

Drinking is legal and it will not stop. I'm sorry if you or your family were harrased in the lots. Behavior like that is inexcuseable. I personally do not drink or condone that behavior at my tailgate. Everyone is excepted and yes there is some friendly ribbing between opposing fans but no one has ever threatened anyone or taken it farther then some minor jabs back and forth. It is sad that we have to be around some people that cannot control themselves when they are intoxicated.

I've had to complain and report some people over the years for being beligerent in my section during the game. I remember a game last year when Huly had to tell security and complain about a guy that was urinating in bottles next to her seat. The only way this behavior will stop is if you report these individuals to the appropriate people. Use the annonymous text service that the Redskins have setup if you or your family are being harrassed. Don't let those drunken fools that go to far give Fedex Field a bad name.

Stop bashing each other. I simply started this thread to let people know what was going on. It seems now that the ES tailgate is saved people don't care. Fedex field holds more then just the ES tailgate and we just wanted to get word out on what was happening. If you don't like the petition don't sign it. No one is forcing you to. Those of you that believe it is a waste of time have no idea what you are talking about. We have made some progress with the parking staff because of the petition and the signatures.

I thank all of you for taking the time out of your day to sign it and pass it on.


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I am a 100 percent sober fan at Redskins games. I have to be....I have to drive 2 hours to the game and 3 hours back to PA. I tailgate both before and after games unless other engagements force me to leave early. I and my family enjoy our tailgating experience with no alcohol.

Obviously I am guessing.... but 95 percent of the "drunks/drinking fans" are fine and pose no problem. It is a very small minority who use drinking as an excuse to act like A...holes. Most are responsible and do not change their general character. Unfortunately, there are always a few who use drinking as an excuse to be belligerent, angry, mean, or stupid (see Steeler fan putting grill with hot coals in their trunk and burning 7 cars last year).

Not all or even a lot of tailgaters are bad. It's always just the few who give the others a bad name. By the same token, not ALL tailgaters are good.

But I do take exception with those of you who seem to think that if you do not tailgate, you are not as die-hard of a fan as those who show up to watch the game and cheer for the Skins. After all....I hope most of us go to FedEx Field to cheer for our team and not to just tailgate. Just because you want to tailgate does not mean that those who choose not to are inferior to you. In fact, if you are that snobbish, you just may be that belligerent drunk that we all hate.....or no better than the wine and cheesers that you look down your nose at.

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