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Please Help- Your Vote Needed


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To all extremskins Family members:

I would like to ask you for your help in voting my daughters school "Cool School" of Tampa Bay.

Each week 3 schools in the Tampa Bay area are nominated for "cool school". It is then determined by a vote. School with the most votes win. Fox 13 then goes to the school and recongnizes the school, the teachers and the student body and it is broadcast live on Fox 13 of Tampa Bay, along with a few ohter "perks", if you will.

This is where you all come in and I ask for your help. I remember when Chief Zee was being voted on for the mascot. Very Loyal Members of this site was a huge part of that happening, myself included (Unfortantually, I wasnt able to put in as much as some, but I did contribute when I could and what I could.

I ask that if you can take a little of your time and effort and see if we can make this happen.

When this does happen and her school wins, she will wear a "Thank you Extremeskins.com" T Shirt to school and try to get this on TV here in Buc country. That would just be awesome. Not to mention tell all her friends about this.

Voting ends at 11:00PM on Thursday Night (5-14-09). They are in a very tight race, currently in 2nd place just barely behind 1st place. Your votes will count and add up.


Here is the link:


After you vote, you may have to refresh and vote again. Its on the right hand side!!

Thank you all for your help!! We greatly appreciate you and it



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well, we didnt win the cool school contest, but my daughter diffentially is very cool.

I want to also thank you all for your help, we just came up a little short!!

(we are Skins fans so we are used to dealing with this!! :D;):laugh:)

No, for real tho.........thank you all very much!!



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