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I'm turning 27 in July and I have been working at a Help Desk for 2 years now. It's not a call center, we do everything in the building we work at, for over 600 clients. We dabble into every field of IT almost; Desktop Engineering, Networking, Security.

I need to make a choice and I can't decide on which path to go. I know that getting an MCSE will add to my resume for any of those fields. I really enjoy web development, but I don't have any structured background (jobs or education) to get into that field right now.

My friend tells me to just pound out a few exams to get MCSA, and with a few years of Help Desk experience along with an MCSA, I can get into an entry level field to test the waters.

I just can't decide! I should have just juiced up in high school and been an all-pro college football player.

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ok...I'm going to get ripped for this - But in the field you are in - Always remember - Experience trumps education.

MCSE is nice - But experience is better. Any projects you can get on? Technical lead? I'm not saying don't get your MCSE, but if it means doing less, cutting hours, or passing projects then don't.

Years ago I worked for a 500 company. I was working help desk. They guy who trained me was telling me about how I should go for my MCSE like he was. Company pays for it, classes were at the office, etc....

I passed. Said I would rather jump on different assignments. He got a bunch of certifications - All paid for by the company. I started working "Special" projects.

that was in 1999.

3 months ago I hired him to come work for me.

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I got my MCSE back in 1998. It was good for a foot in the door. TMK is right, experience trumps everything. Security is a very big field nowadays, If I had to do it over again, I would specialize in that exclusively. SANS certification is what I've been pursuing for the past two years. I already had a bunch of security training but SANS will put you over the top.

Take a look



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