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The most creative commercial ever!


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Yeah, my father pointed me to that one. It's truly a marvel of design and persistence. The production crew was pulling their hair out because little things kept going wrong as you can imagine! I haven't done it yet, but count the number of little "gags" that have to go just right - consecutively! - for that shoot to work. Truly phenomenal!

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Most creative:

A commercial I saw for a motor scooter. (Targeted on young, urban, customers. Emphasis on easy parking, maneuverability, low cost of operation.) Driver comes out of video rental store, lifts seat, tosses three VHS tapes under seat. Announcer: "It has enough trunk space for Frankenstein, King Kong, and Godzilla."

A fake ad I understand National Lampoon yanked for liability reasons. (I've never seen it.) A Teddy Kennedy look-alike advertising the Volkswagen Beatle.

Tom Landry's American Express commercial. (Can redskins.com get a downloadable form of that one?)

The guy in the "upside-down" clown suit, shown during the Super Bowl. (And never again, as far as I can tell).

Whichever car it was (this one doesn't count as "effective", because I can't remember the product) that used the huge Hot Wheels track. "Track sold seperatly".

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