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Non-Football: Typical Wizards Luck............


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In a year with non consensus choice at #1 the Wizards are in the unenviable position of potentially drafting another Pervis Ellison or Michael Olowokandi bust. Jordan realizes this as his "head on the guillotine" comment indicates........

Barring a trade, the Washington Wizards are expected to use the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft Wednesday on one of two high school big men, Kwame Brown or Tyson Chandler, according to league sources. No high school player has ever been picked first, but after working out both players for a second time yesterday, sources said the Wizards could make history.

A league source said Washington has held trade talks with the Chicago Bulls and the Vancouver/Memphis Grizzlies, among other teams. One source discounted a report of a trade that would have sent point guard Mike Bibby to Washington, but said other Grizzlies players have been discussed.

"Having number one helps the phones ring," Wizards assistant general manager Rod Higgins said yesterday of the possibility of trading the pick. "I would imagine, as we get closer to the actual draft every team will be doing their due diligence to improve their individual teams."

It is believed that Orlando, Seattle and Houston also are trying to move up in the draft. Orlando and Houston have multiple picks, which could prove enticing, since Washington only has the No. 1 pick.

Golden State, with the fifth and 14th picks, is apparently interested in Chandler.

Chandler, 7 feet 1, and Brown, 6-11, worked out with the team yesterday. What the Wizards' coaches and executives saw were talented big men with skill, competitiveness and most importantly, size.

"Any workout is enlightening," said Higgins, who declined to give more specifics. "This was no different. It just gave us a more in-depth view of what we've already seen."

Washington wants to bolster its front court, Coach Doug Collins said last week, and Brown and Chandler are fast and athletic and may be good enough outside shooters to keep them productive while they develop physically to play inside. The Wizards also like Seton Hall small forward Eddie Griffin.

Many league officials have said it could be about three years for a high school player to establish himself in the NBA, but that is a waiting period Collins and other team officials said they could bear.

Two league sources and other draft analysts believe Brown has the most promise of the five high school players projected to be taken in the first round. Brown, 19, is said to have solid ballhandling skills and, at 235 pounds, is more physically imposing than the 225-pound Chandler. Chandler, 18, has drawn comparisons to Minnesota's Kevin Garnett, who joined the NBA directly from high school and is a perennial all-star.

Brown, who initially committed to the University of Florida, averaged 20 points, 13.3 rebounds and 5.8 blocked shots for Glynn Academy in Brunswick, Ga., his senior season. Chandler averaged 26 points, 15 rebounds and 8 blocked shots in leading Dominguez High in Compton to the California state championship. Not all the trade talks have been for the top pick, a source said, and Washington could broker a deal involving a player or future considerations for a later first-round or second-round pick.

In case they trade down, the Wizards also worked out forwards Troy Murphy of Notre Dame and Yugoslavian forward Vladimir Radmanovic yesterday with Brown and Chandler. It also was their second workout for Washington and it was their second strong showing, a source said.

Radmanovic and Murphy probably will be among the 13 lottery picks as will another Wizards' favorite, Charlotte forward Rodney White (Newport Prep).

Murphy, 6-11, has lost more than 20 pounds and his mobility -- the major knock on him in college -- has greatly improved. Radmanovic, 6-10, is one of the faster rising players in the draft. The 20-year old has impressed teams with his ability to bang inside as well as shoot from the perimeter.

Collins said last week that small forward is a major position of need and Griffin is still under consideration, a league source indicated. Based on conversations with league sources, Duke forward Shane Battier and high school center Eddy Curry do not seem to be in Washington's plans.

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I'll admit that my ignorance concerning any round-ball game far eclipses my ignorance about football, But am I the only one who thinks that, when your team stinks (and I seem to remember hearing they do) and somebody offers you multiple picks for the #1, you ALWAYS take it?

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You wouldn't always take multiple picks for No. 1 Larry. If the case was that the team was lousy and the No. 1 pick was a consensus-type pick -- i.e. Duncan, Robinson, Ewing -- then you wouldn't trade the pick under any circumstances. If Jason Williams happened to be coming out in this draft, you couldn't get me to trade the top pick. Maybe not even if Yao Ming was coming out, but, that's a stretch.

In this draft, though, you don't have a consensus pick at No. 1. Any of the top six could fail totally or succeed and it's like playing Russian Roulette. You might get lucky, but, you might not. I'd trade down in a heartbeat for anything moderately reasonable.


Doom is in the box.

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Last year Jordan used his first big pick on Univ. of Miami Head Coach, Leonard Hamilton. What a disaster that was as the Wizzards lost a franchise record number of games. With no clear cut choice at #1 overall the scrutiny on Jordan to select a franchise savior (even though their ain't one in this draft) will be significant. Add to the fact the draft lottery has been very unkind to the Bullets/Wizards since it's inception. This is the Bullets/Wizards first #1 overall pick in the lottery era.

If anything this will infuse Jordan with more confidence as he prepares to return from retirement to active player. Jordan's gotta think that there's no one coming into the league with this draft that can stop him.

"See you in the playoffs" should be the Wizards new marketing campaign.


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Anyone remember watching that 6 game series between the Bulls and the Jazz for the last of Jordan's championships?

The Bulls won Game 6 by ONE point.

Let's face the facts. That team with Jordan at 36 and Pippen at 32 was far superior to anything that the Wizards could put around Jordan this season at 39.

The Wizards with or without Jordan are not going to the NBA Finals.

The Lakers would wipe the floor with this team, Jordan or not.

Assuming the team drafts Kwame Brown, what do you really have for 2002?

A team with a questionable starter at the point, Whitney. A shooting guard in Hamilton that can't play defense and is still 15 pounds underweight to contribute on the glass at 6'7, a small forward in Jordan that is 39, a power forward that is likely to be Kwame Brown at age 18 and with no experience, and then Jahidi White at center, contributing 9 points and 8 rebounds a game.

Now, how many games is this team going to win?

35 max. And that's if Jordan does not get hurt and he gets back to scoring over 20 points a game and gets either Hamilton or Brown to step up big time.

Don't get me wrong. Going from 19 wins to 35 is not bad. And having Jordan will fill some more seats.

But, come on Dave, talking about the playoffs? making a statement?

Please. After the shock wears off of seeing Jordan in uniform again at practice, I will be more interested in seeing whether the Lakers acquire a power forward, whether the Sixers resign Mutombo and where Chris Webber ends up going.

Those things are all a lot more important factors to next season in the NBA.

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I'm not really worried about winning next year. Im looking forward to getting a young player (Eddie Griffin) to become a major part of the rebuilding process. I'm hopeful that if we find ourselves a good pick we can be contending for the 8th spot in the east within 2 years.

I'm not buying in to Brown, Chandler being the final options. Teams don't let that type of information leakout. Who knew we were going to draft Rod Gardner?

Eddie Griffin should be the pick.



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"Fred Smoot"

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the more I look at the Wizard's plight, the more I am changing my stance about the first pick. Perhaps the Wizards SHOULD make a deal and move down to #4 or #5.

Going around and around, no one can state with any certainty who is the best player in the draft, only who is probably most ready to step in now and contribute and that is Shane Battier, who in most years would be a pick somewhere between 5-10, but not a top selection.

Quite frankly, the Wizards can't afford to blow this opportunity. If the team could move down a few spots and still get a player projecting to be a core player down the road PLUS receiving additional value in another pick or a veteran player then the team might want to consider that option.

At heart, if it was me and this was another team, I would suck it up and make the pick at #1 and gamble I picked the right player out of the mix.

But something about this franchise and its history over the past 20 years makes me want to be more cautious.

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Show some cajonez, draft K Brown and don't look back. He sounds mature for his age and hasnt beat up any teammates like Westbrook err E Griffin.

I don't see us making the playoffs duh if we can be patient for 24 years whats 2 more? If we suck this year there is a chance to get Williams/ Ya ming



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Pervis ellison was a power forard that "geniuses" decided show play center. Olowokandi had every one going huh when he was drafted and the analysts sugarcoated it by saying he could develop in a few years into a good center not a great one. And it was a clippers pick they always have draft problems ie the picks sux there but improve elsewhere.

Leonard Hamilton wasn't the problem, the team was. We had an ancient, injury prone starting shooting guard, an indifferent,alcoholic, overpaid prettyboy at point guard, a grossly overpaid average power forward, an undersized, hands of stone, footwork challenged center and an insert your name here at small forward. And none of them could play defense.

Even the best coach in the league Larry Brown wouldhave a losing record with this team.

Make a statement and take the K Brown kid.



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