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Don't Drink and Buy Plane Tickets


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So I got drunk a few weeks ago and bought plane tickets to canada to visit a hot ass girl.

Well, said hot ass girl is a psycho-***** and I said **** it I am not flying to canada.

Non-refundable ticket, and I can't credit it.

400 bucks... ****ing alcohol.

at least I have 12 more days to work and be in the green after paying off the tickets.

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That sucks dude.

How did you find out she was psycho?

This thread is lacking in the details..

Oh I talk to her quite often.

She is shallow, selfish, stuck up, a non-realist, pain in my ass.

I mean she is cool when she is not being any of the above.

but damn.

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I'm sober haha.

she is in Toronto, I only had enough for the plane ticket, and she was my free place to stay for 12 days.

yeah, I'm a ****ing retard lol

LoL! That is a ****ed up story... Have time to find another hot ass girl there? ;)

So you at ODU? I graduated there in 96. DAMN that place has changed!

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