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Calling Out the Coaches, Yeah that's right!


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I know we have personnel issues. The recent losses bother

me, but the way we looked have bothered me more. We went 6-2 with

back to back road wins against the Cowboys and the Eagles. The losses

bother me, but the way we looked have bothered me more. We look inept

and we are essentially the same team. IMO the coaches need to take a

bigger part of the blame. They have failed to MAKE ADJUSTMENTS.

I feel like this is near sacrilegous but.....Bugel and the offensive line.

The line started the season underperforming and never improved. Why not

make changes? Other teams have lost multiple starters on their offensive

lines and have survived. (Colts, Ravens, Panthers,Steelers i'm sure there

are more). Yet we trot out the same bunch and expect improvement.

Young players improve, not old players. IMO they should have been

playing Heyer, Rinehart as soon as the offensive line started to

slip. And if the coaches felt they weren't ready to play bring in a free

agent/UDFA Tackle. Do something different.

-ARE is still the punt returner. C'mon.

-Special Teams are a joke. The Punter and Kicker are personnel issues,

but how about punt return blocking units and changing the punt returner?

C'mon Danny Smith.

First i want to say that i liked the offense i saw earlier in the year. And i

like Zorn.

- But, IMO FO should have hired or Zorn should have brought in at least 1

other person familiar with the WCO as an offensive assistant/ QB coach/

or even OC.


13.jpg Pat Shurmur

Quarterbacks Coach

One of the rising stars in the NFL's coaching ranks, Pat Shurmur is in his seventh season as the Eagles quarterbacks coach and his tenth as a member of Andy Reid's staff.

In this role, the 43-year-old Shurmur has helped Donovan McNabb earn three of his five Pro Bowl berths. In 2004, McNabb turned in the most productive season of his career, establishing franchise records in QB rating (104.7), completion pct. (64.0), and passing yards (3,875). In fact, McNabb became the first quarterback in NFL history to have a season with 30-plus TD passes (31) and fewer than 10 interceptions (8).

""Pat's a very good football coach and teacher,"" said head coach Andy Reid. ""He's received a lot of attention from other teams to be a coordinator [in the last two years] that's going to happen for him.""


- Denver runs the WCO and they move the pocket alot. Despite how

poorly the line has played why don't we roll-out, bootleg, waggle, sprint

out, more often?

-IMO the playcalling as of late has been sub-par. Earlier in the year JC

was in shotgun alot more then he's been lately why? B/c Zorn

doesn't like it? JC likes it and he's good in it, and newsflash Zorn he's

actually the one playing QB.

-Very little formation variation. What happened to the Pro-Form?

Singleback Double TE? 4 WR Tight formation from the 1st Cowboys game?


-Our running game is suddenly consists of just I-Form inside zone/ edge.

Very few Singleback or tosses or sweeps or counters or FB dives.

We just now started to run from the Shotgun and on 3rd down.

It took 14 weeks to figure out that we have other backs on the roster.

-What happened to this guy? NFLF-Chris_Cooley_121805.JPG IMO our best receiver.

-Why have Devin Thomas 6'2 215 4.3 40 and continue to throw it deep to

Thrash and ARE?

IMO Zorn wears too many hats. HC/ 1st time Play caller/ QB coach/

defacto 1st time OC (Zorn/ Sherman Smith have never been OCs and

Smith is a former running back coach and is new to the WCO passing


What do you guys think?

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I actually agree with several of the points you make, and your post was also interesting to read haha. I don't think we can bring in Pat Shurmur, there might be rules against horizontal movement, team by team, and I don't think the Eagles will let the man responsible for their QB go to a divisional rival.

I DO want to see new formations, deep passes to our rookies, and a more open playbook. The screens worked last night, that was a fantastic adjustment.

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after watching the game last night, and flipping it off 3 minutes before the end of the fourth in disgust and after drinking 11 beers in 3 hours and screaming at the TV, you totally read my mind on a lot of what you just said.

WE HAVE WEAPONS ON OFFENSE we started giving sellers the give more, look what he's DOING! He's straight up running people over! Whatever happened to the fake give to (banged up) CP and giving it to sellers? I could go on and on.

In just a microcosm of whats been on my mind about this team, it seems we are set in our ways, with no adjustments during the season at all. In the beginning we looked great, but now our playcalling is dull and predictable.

Okay, this is a first year coach, Zorn needs more experience definitely.

Look our season is pretty much shot right now, even if we did squeek into the playoffs we wouldn't make a dent with a first round team. We lost our identity, our team (offense especially) looks confused and squeemish out there. Why not start getting creative now? We have nothing to lose!

I love the skins to death, and of course I'll continue to watch every game till the end, but right now I'm going to take a break from ES and watching ESPN till the Cinci game this Sunday cuz my blood is boiling right now...

but for this week im taking off from browsing these forums, GO SKINS! LETS TAKE THE FRUSTRATION OUT ON THE BENGALS!


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"It took 14 weeks to figure out we had other running backs"

So true. I was so pissed at the play calling last night. Sellers is looking good? Oh, lets NOT use him in the second half. Cooley had 1 ****ing catch. 1. Un****ing believable. Why do we fewel like we are only allowed to throw to him like 5 times a game? Last time i checked, if something works against a defense, you keep running it until they stop you.

Oh yeah, didn't we used to be good at run defense?

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Fact is I think there are deeper problems. I think to have ARE out there as 1st string is CRAZY, I think Thomas and Kelley need to be out there, it's not like Moss and ARE are really doing anything. I also think we need to demote the whole offensive line, those guys are simply an embarrasment to the Hogs, and Bugel I know he is still dealing with his daughters death but the line he is coaching is well pathetic. JC needs to be getting hazardous duty pay, it's a damn shame the way he is constantly hit, sacked or touched all because BUG EYES Cerrato is too retarded to draft quality lineman......

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