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No, this thread is not about the game that we just played, even though I'm still disappointed about that, but this is an entirely different matter that got me incredibly mad at a certain friend of mine. Simply put, he said something that shouldn't have come out of ANY fan's mouth, and it was incredibly disgusting and trashy. If you've guessed what it was by now, good for you, but this will still probably get you even more mad. He outright dissed Sean Taylor by saying that the Steelers ****ed on the soul of Sean Taylor. That was completely uncalled for, and something that he shouldn't have said at all. I still can't believe he said that, because he seemed like a reasonably decent guy and stuff, but yeah, that got me incredibly frustrated and felt like it needed to be posted here. That's just not a direction any fan at ALL should take, and something any other fanbases should be talking about. Disrespecting a fallen player is just low, and gives you incredibly negative points with any integrity at all. I'm just completely ugh right now.

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