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Question- What game had trash and/or snowballs thrown at the refs a couple years back


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Hey guys, I am trying to remember what game it was that the fans went absolutely nuts in a couple seasons ago. I can't remember if they threw trash or snowballs at the refs bc of a bad call...for some reason I think it was a Browns game, but if anyone knows what game I might be talking about please do refresh my memory. Itd be even better if you have any footage of what happened, thanks in advance mis amigos

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Browns/Jaguars 2001 - Referee miscommunication costs the Browns a potential playoff spot.

Here's the video:


Another one:

Yup thats the game I was thinkin of....thanks for gettin the links for me. Wow, the refs really screwed that game up. Its amazing how many bad calls refs get away with in the NFL that cost teams big time games; the league really needs to address the issue and start reprimanding refs for these type of calls.

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