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What team should sign QB Alex Smith...in the offseason


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I was reading how the 49ers have all but said that they will no way keep Smith next season. I believe that the kid can still be a starter in this league and was brought in to a bad situation for a rookie QB, like so many others have.

Keys for a young QB to have success are a strong offensive line with solid pass protection and run game. That takes A LOT of pressure off the QB. See Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco.

Teams in need of a starting QB are:

Cheifs: The Chiefs would start him right away. Brody Croyle is NOT the answer and Thigpen and Huard are far from it. This team has some young receivers and can have success on the ground. The offensive line needs beefing up, but this could be good place for him. Even if they decide to draft the best QB available, Smith may revitalize the team and they will at least have the option.

Vikings: Vikings have John David Booty waiting in the wings. However, I don't think he is ready to start this year or next year based on reports. They have a strong offensive line and run game. Bringing in Alex Smith here could prove to be smart if they are patient.

Teams that need a young QB in waiting:

Texans: This team loves to pass. They have done a lot with the offensive line which still needs help. Andre Johnson is a great target for any QB. Sage Rosenfels and Matt Schaub don't seem like they may be the long term solution. Alex Smith could be a good stop gap for a young QB they may draft.

Panthers: Lets be honest, Delhomme is near his end. This team needs to think not just backup, but long term. Smith provides both. They have a strong offensiveline. Raising Smith through their system after a year or two could prove Smith could be a solid starter on this team.

Bears: Kyle Orton is a game manager. I don't think anyone in Chicago is convinced he is the long term answer. I don't even need to address Rex Grossman. Smith could add value as a security blanket for a team that is a QB away from being a serious contendor.

Lions: Obviously Culpepper was a stop gap solution. He still has gas left in the tank, but for how long? The team doesn't seem to like Stanton starting for some reason. Smith could be a good fit if they beef up the offensive line for him. This team really needs to focus on defense.

Seahawks: Back surgery is never good for anyone, let alone a QB in the NFL. Senecca Wallace is a great backup. But he doesn't have the tools to be a solid starter. Smith could learn from Hasselback and become more than just a manager but could seriously be successful in there WCO.


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